SleepMaker Amadeus Cocoon Premium Luxury Mattress – ULTRA Firm QUEEN

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Take a glimpse at the SleepMaker Luxury Cocoon mattress, part of our handcrafted, Australian-made luxury Cocoon Range.

Main Features – The Most Beautiful Sleep Ever Made® :

FIBRE:WOOL : Dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic, as well as incredibly breathable and able to help in the regulation of the body temperature.

Climatex QUILT: The dream sleep surface, high loft fibre gives bounce back between two layers of superior Dreamfoam breathable cooling and with minimal wear.

KulKote: for effective temperature management.

Sensorzone 5: A true hybrid design combining spring and foam technology with 5 zone of integrated comfort and support meaning no partner movement can be felt. Evenly distributes weight to help reduce pressure points and improve blood circulation.

Dreamfoam: With a FIRM feel for spinal support and comfort, by DUNLOP foams eco-friendly and ultra fresh treated to protect against household allergens.

Comfort edge: Reduce the roll out feeling and increase the sleeping surface of the mattress with a supportive casing around the edge.

Ultrafresh: Antimicrobial treatments inhibit the growth of the bacteria, protect fresh, hygienic, and Odour free.

Smooth top mattress
Sensorzone 5 Zone
Firm Ultra Fresh Comfort Layers
Kulcote treatment & technology
Wool Quilt
29cm Height
Australian Made
10 years Australian warranty

Sizes –

Single (92 x 188 cm)
Long Single (92 x 203 cm)
King Single (107 x 203 cm)
Double (138 x 188 cm)
Queen (153 x 203 cm)
King (183 x 203 cm)
Super King (204 x 204 cm)

Take a glimpse at the most exquisite luxury SleepMaker Cocoon mattress, part of our Luxury Edition. A great night’s sleep is one of life’s enduring luxuries, so each luxury mattress we handcraft is designed using our decades of experience. The result – is a mattress that will indulge your desire for luxury, even while you sleep.

Materials fit for a Queen. Or King.

From sumptuous silk to the softest cashmere, each of the mattresses in our Luxury Edit is made to order using the finest materials from around the world. They are then individually crafted and hand-finished to guarantee the perfect mattress for the perfect sleep. Passed down through generations, our time-honoured techniques ensure quality in every detail.

The world’s most advanced support technology

The foundation of every Cocoon is our Sensorzone system. Unique to SleepMaker, each spring is isolated and nestled in eco-friendly DreamFoam – creating superior stability and incredible support. Say goodbye to partner disturbance forever.

Handcrafted by Australians for Australians

Every SleepMaker Cocoon is made to order in Australia by our expert craftsmen and women. Every layer is carefully built up by hand, ensuring quality in every detail and superior comfort at every level.

Support and comfort like no other

At SleepMaker, we leave nothing to chance. To ensure the ultimate in comfort and support, each of our Luxury mattresses contains our own specially crafted foam and bespoke spring technology. Our team of craftspeople then make each mattress by hand, detail after meticulous detail. Our expertise ensures you sleep at the very best.

The ultimate in temperature management.

Our Luxury mattresses are designed to keep you at the optimal temperature for the perfect night’s sleep. Drawing heat away from you when you’re too hot and returning it should you become too cool, the most advanced temperature management technology ensures you wake feeling fresh, vibrant and at your sensational best.


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