Trundle Beds for Kids

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Equip More With Trundle Beds for Kids In Perth At Bed World Online

If you want a bed that suits the need of a growing kid then you should buy from the Trundle bed category at our website of Bed World Online. We make the right size of the bed with a number of drawers.

Trundle Bed

We offer the best quality of trundle beds for kids in Perth. You can log on to our website to buy the Julian Trundle bed Single for your kid. It has a complete white design. The top and bottom of the bed has sufficient height of boundary. The side of the bed has a number of drawers.

Feel The Comfort

The six drawers of the bed open with different lengths to ensure the proper level of comfort while putting the stuff in the drawers. You can always put the clothes and other belongings of your kid into the drawer.

The size of the bed is also very comfortable to sleep at. It has 1015 cm x 970 cm x 2000 cm dimensions. It can handle a lot of weight. The durability of the bed is mind blowing. Your kid can play on it without any worry. The bed provides a suitable platform for the mattress. The mattress does not slip off the bed in any way.

The frame of the bed does not move from its place. It has quite the weight to ensure that your kid cannot move it when he plays. You can rest assured of the safety of your kid. The wood used in the bed does not have any knots or any other such types of defects.