Bunk Beds For Kids

Bed World Online: Offering Sturdy And Stylish Bunk Beds In Perth

If you want a comfortable set of bed then you should check out our collection of master class bunk beds for kids. We at Bed World Online offer the most stylish and durable set of bunk beds in Perth. The price we charge at our beds is very nominal when compared to the durability of the product.

Bunk Beds

We own an expansive collection of bunk beds for kids, which includes among others, the Asahi Single Bunk Bed, Lucia bunk Bed, napoleon Single Double Bunk Bed and Napoleon Sigel Bunk Bed. All our beds have a strong ladder at the bottom to reach the upper bed.

They have a highly stylish design, which never fails to register in the mind. The products have a classy finishing. They look very appealing to the eyes. They blend in with the surroundings and help to intensify the interior decoration of the room.

Material Used In The Bed

The beds we offer are resilient. The frame of the bed can bear a lot of weight. We have made them with hard steel. Few of the models have knot free wood used in the manufacturing, which is also very tough.


You can buy these superior quality beds for yourself as well as for your kids. Your kid will love to play at it. You can also buy the single double bunk at which you can lie with your partner at the lower bed and your kid can sleep at the upper bed. The upper bed has sufficient railing to stop the fall. If you have two kids, you can gift them single bunk bed to increase their fun.