Wine Rack

Bed World Online: Proving Better Wine Management With Wine Rack In Perth

Wine rack belongs to the furniture family used to store wine. We at Bed World Online provide the wine racks in Perth made with excellent wood to organise wine in your house.


Our wine racks have a multifarious design. It does not only stores wine but also provides drawers along with it to put other things. The racks we have are robust. The colour of the product also matches well with the surroundings. You can place the rack in the kitchen or in the living room.

The top flat surface of the rack can hold the bottles and glasses.  You can easily make drinks on it. You can put bottle opener and other such things associated with the drink in the drawer to facilitate your drinking feast.

Specialty Of Our Product

Our Products

Kitchen Island: It has a lot of vertical shelves and horizontal drawers. Wine fits well in the rack on the left side. You can make drinks and put other items on the big upper flat surface. Its dimensions are 1400 cm x 680 cm x 850 cm.

Open Side Board: This product has a plane design. It has three drawers aligned in a single row just below the upper flat surface. Its dimensions are 1500 cm x 400 cm x 850 cm. It has two open shelves on both sides. We have made it from the Oak.