Lamp Table

Bed World Online: Delivering Excellence With Lamp Table In Perth

Do you want a lamp table that not only provides you the platform to put your lamp but also compliments the interior of your bedroom? If yes, you should log on to our website of Bed World Online to get the one of the finest Lamp table in Perth.

Specification Of Our Lamp Table

We provide stylish lamp table made from wood. The wood belongs to the Oak tree. It has amazing strength. The wood lasts very long. Termites and dampness has no effect on it. Our lamp tables are resilient and cost effective. You can find the following mentioned lamp tables on our website:

End Table: This is Cartier Lamp Table. It has Black Olive colour. The dimensions of the product go by 600 cm x 600 cm x 420 cm. It has simple design. The table stands on four wooden legs with proper support to avoid the disarrangement of legs from the upper surface.

Lamp Table with Drawers: This lamp table has very attractive colour. It complements the interior like none other. It has two cabinets set in vertical line. The upper cabinet has a pull drawer and the lower cabinet is open. The upper surface has a broad area. The dimensions of the product are 500 cm x 500 cm x 500 cm.


The lamp table has its place near the bed. You can put the lamp over it to read a book at night. You can also place books, pen set, diary, wristwatch, wallet, or other such things over it or inside it for easy access to these items.