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Buffet is an essential piece of kitchen. A kitchen is literally incomplete without buffet in it. Buffet in Perth come in various styles and designs. People put a lot of kitchen accessories in it to assist themselves.

You can find a buffet of your choice from our online store of Bed World Online to get the best prices for the products.


Buffet comes in various styles. We ourselves have a distinct set of styles and designs for the buffet. You can get the following products at our website:

Buffet 1510 x 440 x 900 It has three set of hinged cabinets and three set of pull drawers. Each pull drawer sits on the hinged cabinet. You can store the big items in the hinged space and small items in the pull drawers.

Cartier 3 Door Buffet – It has just three sets of vertical hinged cabinets.

Hutch 1510 x 320 x 1100 – You can place a lot of items in to this spacious buffet. It provides a lot of drawers and empty space under the drawers to put the items. Its flat upper surface can hold a lot of items too.

Kitchen Island 1400 x 680 x 850 – This one is a masterpiece. You can put loads of item in its hinged and pull drawers as well as you can put the stove in its upper surface. The height of the buffet is such that you can use the upper surface as table in the kitchen to chop the vegetables or other similar activities.

Maldives buffet – This buffet is quite simple but beautiful. It has hinged doors on either sides and three set of pull drawers in middle.