Connoisseur Luscious King Mattress -MEDIUM

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Connoisseur Luscious -Medium Mattress


Quilted Comfort Layer

-Wool 350 gram

for greater Comfort, Cool in Summer, warm in Winter

-Ultra Premium Knitted Cover

-Hyper Soft 25mm Urethane

Greater Density 25/60 Comfort Layer (upto 66% Higher Quality to reduce body impressions


Pillow Top

-Natural latex 25mm for better Durable Support and lasting Comfort

- Premium Soft Latex 50 mm maintains the perfect body contours, naturally.


Inner Comfort Layer

-High Resilient 35 mm Inner Support for the Superial Internal Support

-Foam Box Construction for Superior Edge Support and Better comfort


Support System

-Premium 5 zone Pocket Rest pocket Spring System

-Minimal Partner Disturbance

-5 Zone Support for Optimal  Body Alignment and lower Back Support

- Graduates to find the Individual Sleepers Comfort Requirements

- Health Guard Treated

-Non Flip Design

-10 Years of Guarantee