How to Buy a Firm Mattress?

11th Jan 2016

How to buy a firm mattress could be a very challenging question and a suspense task as the market is full of firm mattresses of various price range.

But, choosing a mattress is a complete personal experience, as different people prefers different options.

For heavier people, a firm mattress is the requirement that doesn’t sink with their weight; whereas for light weight people this means a soft mattress that doesn’t push them back.

So what kind of mattress would be chosen for the heavier person who is asking for a firm mattress believing that this would be the only option for them?

Here is an article to tell what exactly these firm mattresses are and what points should be kept in mind before buying them.

Firm Matress

Orthopaedic mattress of firm feel ranges from various spring system and various comfort levels. Depending on the support one’s body requires there are firm mattresses in Pocket Spring and Bonnel Spring.

Also, there are various firm feels in a mattress; from Super Firm, Firm to Medium Firm. Each range and variety of Mattress have their own firm feels, which means the firm mattress in one range could be different from the firm feel in another range.

Manufacturers use specific design techniques to create mattresses that have a firm style surface. The use of carefully selected foams, in conjunction with tighter sewing patterns in the quilt, both help to create this firm feel. They do offer optimal support, but are designed to offer limited contour ability.

Now, the question is - are you asking for a firm support from the spring system or firm sleep surface from the comfort layers?

The supports from all similar spring foundations are relatively the same, particularly if the same spring gauge is used.

The same is true for pocket spring mattresses as well. Pressing on a pocket spring unit gives a softer feel exactly where the pressure is applied, but ultimately, it’s overall more supportive.

The Cooling Gel Mattress and Visco Memory Foam Mattress in Pocket Spring are the most popular for someone looking for a good quality mattress that’s gives a very good support and comfort as well. Though there are other options like Bonnel Spring and Latex ranges that are also good to buy.

But, it’s highly important and recommended you should always look for the best combination of components within your budget. Therefore, knowing what the most suitable alternatives are for your budget will get you as close as possible to your required mattress.