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For those who want a big bed to move freely should go for the king size double beds. Before making a purchase for the beds, you should understand the sizes about it. The most expensive form of the beds is the king size bed as it has the biggest dimensions.


Small single beds have 92 cm x 188 cm dimensions, king single beds have 107 cm x 204 cm dimensions, queen beds have 153 cm x 204 cm dimensions, standard double beds have 138 cm x 188 cm dimensions and the dimensions of a king bed are 183 cm x 204 cm, this are mattress sizes

If you move a lot while you sleep and you have a constant fear of falling off the normal bed then you should go for the king bed without a second’s delay. You should also look for the mattresses according to the size of the bed. We at Bed World Online present the most stylish and exclusive set of king beds which you can buy for yourself.

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